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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Partners youngest has requested a letter to travel outside Canada. All she has provided is the date, travel mode and time of arrival. No details on who she is meeting or where she is staying. Parents who write these letters, he needs this info right?

(Vent: his ex refused to allow kid to travel alone IN CANADA to see him but is ok with her going alone to a dangerous city outside the country. The kid the ex claims has such serious mental health issues that require thousands of dollars of treatment. The kid who refuses to have a relationship with my partner. The request came in two days after the ex filed her bs claims.)
Well, that's a horrid catch-22 of a situation. If he says no, his ex is going to tell the kid that dad is a meanie and it's all his fault she can't go. If he says yes, he's giving even more control to them. So I'd suggest starting with a request for more information and an overture towards the kid. What about something like this:

Based on what you have previously told me of kid's mental health issues, and her inability to travel within Canada, I do not think her travelling outside Canada is wise, and will not be consenting to it unless you can provide me with more specific information about the travel, like a detailed itinerary, who is going with her, and what measures are proposed to help her cope with the stress and responsibility. If you believe she is improving, let's have her visit me first as a mini-introduction to travel, and we can see how that goes before more expanded travel. This will also let me have an opportunity to talk to her about the proposed trip.

Is this a school trip? He could ask the school for more information, and even to come along as a volunteer parent chaperone.
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