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My questions were not to pin you down about your religion but rather to see if there were any places you might seek support.

Selling one's home to fund a divorce is pretty common. Legal Aid (funded by taxpayers) certainly would expect you to pay for your lawyer if you have the ability which you do have (equity in your home). If you were to hire a lawyer, without going through legal aid, they would expect the same thing.

I think you have to be honest with yourself at this time. You and your soon-to-be-ex (STBX) may not like each other. However, the animosity should not be a deciding factor with regards to child custody. Perhaps without you around the father will not drink as much? You should not, at any time, use your children as pawns to fight your ex. A good lawyer (not a crook) will go over this very carefully with you. Do not use your children as pawns to simply receive child support from your ex. If you are young and reasonably healthy the court would expect you to support yourself. You willingly moved from Alberta to Ontario, purchased a home together. This contradicts claims of abuse does it not? Were you forced to move? Were you forced to buy a home?

You have lots to think about. I'd recommend getting a job. There is no better payback than doing well for yourself and your children.
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