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I did , thank you. I have a two hrs legal advice free cert but not many (good) lawyers accepts it. I need a "veteran".
To qualify for long term legal aid means to put lien on the house and pay back when house is sold.
We came from west , alberta, downsized.
Yes , kids are in school . S11 and D7.
I would have loved to share kids time with my husband , he used to be my beat friend but for the past 2-3 years he is not himself. He has drinking and anger issues and this is the reason for wanting a good lawyer.
He abused me verbally and psihically enough to File 3 reports but with drinking i cannot prove . He had almost half of small whisky bottle tonight (Hence the dancing). I feel a bad person but i cannot be confortable with him picking up the kids and start drinking. For them is normal for daddy to drink and sing and dance, they don't know how much is enough .
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