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Originally Posted by SuzieSunshine View Post
I agreed to having two set weeks any week in the year he wanted as long as it is not over a weekend the kids are normally scheduled with myself. That would allow a 14 days straight. 18 days (over my weekend) is too long and would cause swapping of weekends. He would not agree to selecting each year by rotating, demanding set weeks.

He declined this situation and demanded set weeks of his choosing. Difficult working with someone who can't agree on anything.

Just so you know in most cases summer holidays supersede the regular schedule. Just like Christmas time and such... if it's your year for Christmas but it falls on his weekend I don't suppose you give up your Christmas so he can have his weekend?

My husbands agreement states two weeks in July and two weeks in August but can't span longer than 14 days. I think you are both making this much more complicated than it needs to be because neither of you want to negotiate.

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