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A while back you stated that no judge would agree to a 2 week absence from a parent for a child under 7. I do not think that is necessarily true. The judge for my daughter suggested S5 have 3 weeks in summer and next year 4 weeks.

Rather than set the actual weeks he suggested that they take every other year to be their choice. So in odd years Mom has priority and in even years Dad has first choice.

It seems a little ridiculous to set the actual weeks in stone as no one can tell what the future might be. A child might want to go in a hockey camp or similar or get invited to a friends camp so both parents need to be flexible for the children's needs. No one is going to win any favours with a teenager ( and they are all going to be teenagers eventually) by saying " first 2 weeks in August are mine and I don't care if you have an invite to a friends camp you are coming with me". So you need to look at the future and make the wording flexible for the benefit of the children.

It's not unreasonable for Dad to want to secure at least 2 weeks in the summer when he will likely have vacation and might plan a trip.
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