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Update: after filing my answer I received an email from my ex. He offered to drop off the kids at my house instead of daycare when I don't work if I meet his conditions. If I don't, he will not do drop offs.

1. He has the right to keep the kids for himself if he wants to take day off work.

2. I must interact and behave according to his standard by politely greeting him and say "hello, how are you" and respond to his pleasantries "I am great, thank-you for asking" and "have a nice day today, goodbye". Apparently he is unable to do this before he rings the door bell.

3. Ensure the kids are not rushed into the house when dropped off so he can say goodbye to them at his own pace after ringing the door bell and me opening the door.

4. Allow him to verbally communicate in the doorway any messages the kids want him to share with me (or messages that he wants to tell me for his own vested interests).

If I agree in an email in writing he will try it and if he doesn't feel it meets his standards he will not do drop offs or allow me to do pickups at his house for that matter.

Thoughts on what I should do?
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