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Janus, thank you for the laugh with the wording of your mock email!

Berner, we are supposed to exchange, however I seem to be the only one that sends the required documents. I'm thinking that asking him to send his taxes to prove a current address will be the way I go about this situation. If he doesn't provide then I will refuse to send the letter. Our court document states nothing about having to allow access in the US, so I won't be breaking any orders.

Rioe, you are correct in the wording of the email. I would like to be as sarcastic and facetious as possible.....however most times EX doesn't understand that I am being sarcastic and it only starts a war. Thanks for your input.

I was only asking as I don't want to let the kids travel if I don't know where they are going. That would be irresponsible of me. I wanted to ensure that I wasn't being selfish and thinking with my heart rather than my head.

Thank you all for your help on this. Maybe if I get taxes or an email stating a proper address I can forward that to FRO, who will send to the ISO department and the support will begin to flow!
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