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Watch out though, because he doesn't get a whole two weeks more during summer, since he already has some of that time. Same with Christmas, depending on where it falls in the normal schedule.

Most judges still count overnights, I'm told. Doing it that way:

You have every Wednesday and every other weekend,which doesn't extend to Sunday night, unfortunately. So that's four every two weeks.

4x26 = 104 overnights.

Add on 10 - 12 nights for the two extra weeks he gets in summer, depending on which type of access week those would normally have been. 106 to 108 overnights.

Add on the four nights over Christmas, which might be 4 nights, or only 2, depending on where the holiday falls across his usual access. Now he's got 108 to 112 overnights per year.

108 overnights would give him 30%
112 would give him 31%

This is surprisingly close to what Trinton's hourly calculations give. No wonder judges don't bother going by hours.

My first suggestion would be to negotiate with your ex to get Sunday overnights on your weekends. If you can get the kid to school on Thursday mornings, you can get the kid there on Mondays too. This makes the kid's life simpler, because there's one less transition to go back to your ex's house, makes your life simpler because it's one less exchange at which you have to see your ex, and lastly, it opens up more weekend travel to you.

Then you'd at least have normal EoW schedule, too.

The next step would be to negotiate for every other Thursday nights that segue into your weekends. Less stress on the kid than to have to go back to your ex for only one night before being back with you for your weekend.

Then, negotiate for the other Thursday nights as well. Less stress on the kid to wonder which house to be at on Thursdays, when it could be consistently yours.

Presto, 50-50.
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