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The method that makes the most sense is the hourly method. Case law is in this method's favour.

There are a total of 8760 hours a year
You will need 3504 hours to have 40%

assuming you have kids from 3PM until 9AM next day) you have them for 18 hours. 18 hours * 50 weeks in a year (there are 52 weeks a year but you can't double dip on your summer weeks. You should also take our any Wednesdays that she would have her ). = 900 hours

Every other weekend
asssuming you have from 3pm until sunday 7PM) 52 hours x 26 weeks = 1352 hours. if any weekends fall on your summer access then you should subtract that as well.

2 weeks = 7 days x 24 hours x 2 weeks = 336 hours

4 days x 24 hours = 96 hours

You have total 2684 (assuming the times are right) = 30.64 %

DO you have any access on March Break ? Do you have any extended weekends for long weekends and PA days ? Do you get any time on Halloween?

Can you get more time on summer, Christmas, and for your weekends ? If you get Sunday overnights (as you do with Wednesdays) , March break, half of summer, half of Christmas, long weekends, etc, then you would be at 40%.

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