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Default What would you Do?

Hi All,

Short and sweet back ground:
Separated and divorced 7 years
Joint custody with me as Primary caregiver of children 8 and 11.
EX has EOW access. He moved to US after order was finalized and now chooses not to access children on a regular basis.

Last week I received a phone call from FRO requesting more contact info for my EX. I provided them what I had. FRO tells me the jurisdictional courts are asking for new info. I tell them that as far as I am concerned this is the only contact info. FRO advised that EX is not living at contact address nor has the number provided. This is all news to me.

When EX wants to see the children I write a letter for the Border stating that children have my permission to cross on date crossing and returning as well as stating that they are traveling with EX's and are staying at 123 Ex Street, City and State.

I have never denied EX access to the children...even though sometimes I would like too. I don't always feel comfortable having the children cross the border, but they deserve a relationship, as little as it may be, with their father....but here is where my challenge comes in to play.....

Now maybe I am being petty, or childish or just off my rocker...this is why I am reaching out for suggestions, thoughts, comments and opinions.

I do not want to send the children across the border, knowing that the information I have is incorrect. How do I approach this with the EX? What I want to do is send an email to let him know that I have been advised that his contact information is not current or up to date and request updated info. If not provided, or if I am given the same information, then I want to tell him that he can access the children for the weekend, but that I will not be providing BC's or permission letter for the border. He will need to access here in Ontario.

What would you do?!?
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