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Originally Posted by ifeelold View Post
Sorry, I may have explained incorrectly regarding my amount of access time. I have the children full weekends. Just during weekday access they do not stay overnight. My calculation wasn't really based upon exact amount of time or hours spent with children it was more of the frequency I have them as that is what one of my main arguments will be.
If this is one of your main arguments, then we need to discuss it more.

What do you mean by frequency? Seriously, how do you come up with 42%? My guess is that you see them 6 out of 14 days, but they only stay overnight with you 3 out of 14 days. Seeing them during the day without the overnight often counts for almost nothing, which puts you at around 21%. If you only have Friday and Saturday night then you are down to 14%.

If you argue that you are 42% when you are clearly not 42%, it will hurt your credibility.

It is very difficult for non-custodial parents to win a mobility case, I hope I'm wrong about your calculations.
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