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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
OCL can find whatever they want. They could say "Material Change" in big bold letters .. but a judge has final say if one actually occurred.
Agreed. Now I'm trying to understand why a judge would entertain my request for OCL by granting me leave for motion and ultimitely appointing OCL.

It has been my understanding that a material change must be proven before OCL is appointed. I believe that argument was made by opposing counsel the very first time I tried to slip in an OCL request in one of my previous leaves for interim motion. I think I also read that on Canli somewhere.

Did judge possibly feel there has been a material change when judge granted leave this time around? The only thing judge said when leave was granted for OCL this time around was this has become very contentious and 7 year old caught in middle needs a voice and some peace. Other parent was of course opposing and was warned against costs.

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