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Default Sometimes I have to shake my head and laugh

Hello All,

So we are #2-3 on the docket for trial... should be called either tomorrow or Monday... Stressed? Yes I am... Emotionally drained as well. Yet, I did have an opportunity to have a laugh.

The following is to be taken with a grain of salt and a laugh...

My ex who wants to be re-added to my medical benefits, has a simple form to fill out. One page, containing about 10 questions each yes or no with a simple 'put check mark here' format. The only complication is that there are two columns of checkmarks one for spouse and one for employee. Then return original to employee who signs and submits to company...

Simple right? Guess not. First round, she checks off the employee section and not spouse, lists my son as a female, gets her lawyer to look it over who then scans and emails the copy to me.

I called the insurance company and they said, 'sorry that will be rejected'. I send a polite email to my ex, explaining that the instructions are at the top of the form, and where she made her mistakes. (check marks at wrong place, son listed as girl, and require originals)

I get a follow up letter from her lawyer to my lawyer, stating he is not sure what is wrong with the form and that if I can fill it out and sign her name that would be acceptable.

My lawyer then spends 20 minutes trying to write a response that doesn't scream "how dumb are you!". And then simply copies and pastes my original reply.

We finally get another response... "Please find attached a slightly modified version of the document, the applicant got a friend to review who says it's 'fine'". Turns out it's again a copy of her original document but this time she 'circled' the spouse column heading, and still lists my son as a girl... checkmarks are still at the wrong place and no originals.

So I laughed... Any ideas on what a 'fun' reply would be?
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