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Originally Posted by OrleansLawyer View Post
A paralegal has one year of schooling, coupled with either some life experience or an earlier college diploma.
Citation: Paralegal Graduate Certificate
Mine course was 3 years, much of it taught by lawyers. Many of the courses carried over to university. I know, my buddy who was in my course went forward to university for law and is now a partner a major criminal defence law firm.

As a paralegal/law clerk, I don't know if I would considering hiring a junior who didn't at least take the 2 year course. I've known a few that have simply taken 4 courses and considered themselves clerks because they had a certificate. Let's just say they lacked the basics I would expect from someone who has taken a more involved course (caveat, that is a small sample size as I am sure there are many that have succeeded and thrived).

Edit - IMO, if you allow clerks into the field, it should generally be for completion of forms and procedural matters (ie. advising of notice requirements, getting documents filed and served etc). I find most people struggle with the forms and the basics of notice and service. Giving them a helping hand in that regard wouldn't hurt.
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