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Originally Posted by OrleansLawyer View Post
It is the facts that drive the case. A great lawyer cannot win a case with losing facts, and a bad lawyer cannot (or should not be able to) lose a case with winning facts.
Great lawyers do sometimes win cases with losing facts. Those cases end up being appealed.

Originally Posted by OrleansLawyer View Post
What a lawyer is supposed to do is present the case competently to allow the judge to make a decision if settlement cannot be reached. If the facts are known, the result should be known in most cases, and therefore two competent lawyers should be able to settle every case with very few exceptions.
Why can't paralegals do this? They represent clients in other civil matters? What makes family law so unique? If criminal law judges or lawyers who have never practiced family law get appointed as a family law judge, I simply don't see how paralegals can't be trusted to practice family law. What makes a lawyer so unique ?
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