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With a high conflict ex like yours you
may want to reframe from communicating with him at all except for OFW. If he doesn't read the court order and therefor misses his extended access. To bad. So sad. Not your problem. Don't remind him. Don't say anything. Communicate only via OFW. Don't be near him during drop offs or pick ups. Send your new partner who can redirect any questions he has back to OFW.
Your intentions are good but with a high conflict ex you must keep in mind that the road to hell is paved with good intentions!
Stop trying to help him. He's on his own. Not your problem. You do what your court order requires but no more.

If he refuses to use OFW. Not your problem. You must illiminate all other forms of communication with him other than OFW.

As far as the drug use goes. Don't even go there unless you have proof. Unfortunately the way family court works is that you must have evidence of current unsafe conditions like drug use or you must wait until a tragic incident happens. Without either of these two criteria the judge will dismiss you and probably label you an alienator as well.

...and remember. Continue communicating via OFW and don't make his problems yours.

Good luck
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