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Originally Posted by OrleansLawyer View Post
And Einstein was not perfect, and did not know everything about physics, however not many people would have trouble deciding whether they wanted Einstein or Orleanslawyer to solve their physics problem.
I see where you are trying to go with that but I hate the one to be say it. I think Einstein would be better with numbers than any lawyer would. It still amazes me the way lawyers impute incomes and how they fail to calculate child support based on gross income; and instead based on monies you don't have. Where's Einstein when you need him.

But paralegals aren't being permitted to handle divorce matters anyways so we'll leave the math problems for lawyers and leave doors open to paralegals for custody and access disputes. Child support is easy. Just need the table and a ruler if you have difficulty following lines and reading T4s.

Experience helps but an inexperienced lawyer is no different than an inexperienced paralegal. If a self represented party can defeat an experienced lawyer not a doubt in my mind that a paralegal could as well

Originally Posted by WorkingDAD View Post
I think there is no more difficult issue in family law/court that custody and access.
It certainly is not easy and is definitely not rocket science - you don't need to be Einsten to solve the problem.

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