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There are some very shocking and useless right out for the mighty buck lawyers out there who lose their trials miserably.
Agreed - which is also a problem.

Whose to say all these self repped people can afford counsel with significant experience? Nobody wants to pay someone for one hour of their time for what they earn in one day.
If you want to reduce costs, the answer is not to let paralegals run family cases. Instead, consider increasing law school enrollment and putting more funding into legal aid (which provides experience for many junior lawyers). If more lawyers practiced family law the cost would decrease based on supply and demand.

Paralegals do not receive the training, or get the mentoring, or have the experience to run family cases significantly above the obtuse monkey tier. Do you have children who live with you and an ex with a consistent T4 income? Getting child support is easy. Does your ex have a business, medical issues or assets? Horse of a different colour.

What if he utilized a first year non-experienced lawyer which was also a disaster for him?
Generally, junior lawyers work in a firm with other lawyers who provide direct mentoring or supervision for their work. If a lawyer is in their first year of practice and running their own firm, they may be very ambitious - or they are working for the only employer who would hire them.

Lawyers "practice" law. They are not perfect and they don't know it all.
And Einstein was not perfect, and did not know everything about physics, however not many people would have trouble deciding whether they wanted Einstein or Orleanslawyer to solve their physics problem.

a VERY high percentage of family law cases don't even make it to a trial.
Cases settle because people are prepared for trial, understand the risks and the range of likely results, and then settle. If you have different expectations in results then you are much less likely to settle. Experience and expertise therefore help bring about settlements.

I think there is no more difficult issue in family law/court that custody and access.
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