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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
She cant claim benefits herself without the benefit providers information. And most benefit companies have a drug card that you have to give to the drugstore which she wont have. Plus anywhere else she goes she would have to provide her health card. If its a dental appointment she would have to provide details on herself and claiming to be your wife would be difficult as dentists would request previous files on treatment plans.

Stop worrying about that aspect.
There are smooth service providers. For example, a friend of mine was in a similar situation but he had 2 kids. Both on new wifes benefits. His ex went to the eye dr and got glasses and had them bill the 2 kids benefits. A year later one of the kids needed glasses and that is when he found out that the benefit had been used. She then tried to demand he pay his 90% of the expense... but thats another story.

Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
Thanks! That was extremely helpful. It seems the kids are pretty well covered from Ontario Works.
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