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To update...cant move jurisdictions as she "fired first". My partner is trying to decide between paying his lawyers half rate for travel time or go with a lawyer in that jurisdiction. There are pros and cons to both. The only con seems to be the travel costs. His lawyer here lets me help organize materials and do the leg work his assistants would do to save money, lawyer there may not. Partner is also comfortable with his lawyer here and based on what he said at the appointment I feel pretty confident this will be straight forward from our side, just depends on the reasonable behaviour by the ex.

Ive got a list of requests for the form 20 to back up her claims. I know the onus is on her to prove it all but I firmly believe his lawyer should be adequately armed. The harder part is the kids being pissed at what hes asking for (records, financial info, school info etc). I told him if shes going to use the kids then this was bound to happen.

Now its just a matter of helping him cope emotionally. Today was bittersweet as he was given his best performance review in his career. The big whigs were there and told him they are so impressed with his work and he scored higher than anyone in the company. It comes with a pay raise too which he now has to get documentation on and advise her accordingly.

I dont know how you self reps do this. We're not sleeping, fighting over everything, hes so jumpy I have to be careful not to surprise him and we both have been having panic attacks. Mine is more because I feel so helpless in providing support and protection.
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