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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Often people have unrealistic expectations when hiring lawyers and simply do not read the retainer agreement they sign (this would be similar to giving a mechanic a blank cheque). .
My last lawyer was awful.. she didn't go over or have me sign any retainer agreement. The only thing she ever mentioned was her hourly rate. Phone calls, emails, etc. all mute. Oh boy did she ever adjourn. I call her adjournment. It's a good nickname for her. Was literally fighting to see my kid over Christmas and New years for last 3 years with no success. Within 2 days of meeting and hiring my new lawyer (who actually gives a crap about me and my child's best interests) went over everything and within 2 weeks we had a motion set down. He won me half of Christmas and right to travel outside of Canada (despite the other parent alleging that I was going to be abducting the child). The allegations by the other parent were of course for artificial reasons to win the motion.

Point being, some lawyers are down right awesome and very fair with bills, and others, they are obtuse monkeys - I won't use the word stupid. They don't return phone calls, check emails, and just adjourn and docket. Further, they pull charges out of their behind and next thing you know you are being charged for things you never agreed to or expected.. 1 year into retainer I'm now all of oh a sudden being charged for lawyer's time to docket and 1.5 year later being charged for parking and other non sense. New lawyer personally takes phone calls, returns them promptly, checks emails regularly, and doesn't even charge for emails - just letters and actual legal work. And even provides his personal cell phone and to make that even more awesome he doesn't charge for calling texting either.. Of course he doesn't do this for everybody and just clients he likes and becomes friends with. He even offers me to use his parking whenever I am close by - let it be for going to court or for being in the area for other things. He's fantastic and it's not always the clients that are the problems. More often than not it's the lawyer who is the problem - let it be a lack of good communication, bias against fathers, bias against shared parenting, or even a desire to adjourn and docket.
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