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Originally Posted by WorkingDAD View Post
well, I would strongly disagree with such statement. I should admit thou that I was lucky and did not deal with any property issues but I would think that property related staff is just SIMPLE MATH.

Plus it so much easier just to walk away from all that stuff. How can you walk away from kid?

I don't know, I may be wrong but I think there is no more difficult issue in family law/court that custody and access...

And I would agree with you. However, I am just going based on what was said to me by my local courts assessment officer / Master. To give this some context, I filed an application before a Superior Justice to obtain an order to assess my previous lawyers bill. The lawyer opposed it but I won the application on my own and self represented (some guidance here and there with my new lawyer). I got an order to assess the lawyers final account on requisition and took it all before the assessment officer. Yes I could have actually gotten all accounts under requisition but didn't know that. Regardless, at the end of the assessment hearing the assessment officer said custody/access is a medium complexity case and the amount of work that was put into the case by my last lawyer up until our parting of the ways was excessive and her final amount owing was accordingly reduced by 50%.

I am not sure whether the assessment officer was comparing complexity of custody/access to a full out divorce where there is property and spouse alimony involved or with reference to criminal trials and/or bankruptcies but it is what he said. He may have been wrong. I don't know the right answer.
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