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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
If your order doesn't say anything then you don't need to do anything. OW should be covering everything.

You shouldn't hold the insurance benefits hostage to your presence at the appointments.

Given your kids are on your wifes benefits then that is not your wifes property anymore. The benefits now rightfully belong to the kids. I know there is no order stating that you must give this to her.

My former apouse is on OW but uses my benefits. I would much rather OW pay then my company but I was asked for it so I would look ridiculous if I said no.

Benefit of kids using your new wifes package is that she'll get notified whenever it is used ao you can monitor things - that's not to say your ex will use the card for everything.

I would just mail it out to her with tracking number and just say your new wife put the kids under her benefits, let her know what it offers and say you wanted her to have a copy in case she ever needs to use it

Alternately you could keep it and use it for when kids are with you. OW should cover most basic things.
I am not holding their benefits hostage, I was asking if she would need it as I have never dealt with Ontario works so I have no idea what they cover. Also, my ex is the type who will try to pretend she is my new wife to get the benefits. I realize that this is fraud and at that point, my wife would have grounds to charge her or atleast to let the insurance company know it wasn't her that used it but that is getting into a place I dont want to go.

Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
She cant submit anything without your new wife getting notified. You could tell her that the kids are covered for additional costs over and above what Ontario Works pays for but it will still need to be provided to you for approval.

Does she not advise you of medical appointments and treatments?
I did let her know they are covered and what was covered. She does advise me, sometimes and other times I am chasing drs to get appointment information. Sometimes I can't make an appointment and sometimes she can't make an appointment.
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