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OrleansLawyer did not say that anyone was stupid. You are taking his post totally out of context - reading comprehension is something that a lawyer can and does assist clients with frequently (or client misinterprets simple things... such as this post).

"Penny wise and pound foolish" is a thought that comes to mind.

I spent a considerable sum of money on legal fees and I have absolutely no regrets. I certainly did not have Legal Aid.

At one time my ex was self-represented and utilized paralegal. It was a total disaster for him - something he later admitted.

Unless self-represented litigants have spent the time doing their research they often waste the court's time. Unprepared self-represented litigants are one of the major reasons that you face the gong-show system of case-conferences. (Valuable court time was taken up by people who, arrogantly, didn't know their head from their aholes).

I am an individual of average intelligence. I have a decent education. Not for one minute did I contemplate divorcing my husband without competent legal counsel. To be honest, I was shocked to learn that people actually did this.

Cudos to those few who have self-represented and succeeded at trial.

Perhaps if people didn't have legal aid lawyers they would get their acts together and quit wasting the taxpayer's money and settle their matters. It galls me that people can bitch about cost of lawyers when they are, themselves, using the public purse to fund their disputes with their ex's.
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