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Originally Posted by OrleansLawyer View Post
This sentiment is why it won't happen.

Are there cases that a somewhat obtuse monkey could handle? Absolutely.
Are there cases that merit counsel with significant experience? Absolutely.

Without a way to distinguish between them paralegals will not be permitted to run family cases.
Who's to say anyone that's not a lawyer or is a paralegal is an obtuse monkey or "stupid"? There are self represent people with no education in law and education in completely different fields running laps around lawyers.

Who's to say that anyone who is a lawyer is not an obtuse monkey or stupid? There are some very shocking and useless right out for the mighty buck lawyers out there who lose their trials miserably.

Whose to say all these self repped people can afford counsel with significant experience? Nobody wants to pay someone for one hour of their time for what they earn in one day.

If they want them to come to court with lawyers then give them proper Legal Aid.

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