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Default New Spouse Medical Benefits

My ex has been on Ontario Works for 11 years and I have no reason to believe that will change anytime soon. She has certain "benefits" through them (i.e. prescriptions, eye care, dental, etc) that she uses for the kids. We have been split for 8 years, nothing in our court order relates to health benefits.

I have been with my new wife for 4 years, married 2. My wife also has a daughter from a previous relationship. My new wife recently changes jobs and has gotten fairly decent benefits through her employer. She has put my children on the benefits as well as myself and her daughter.

Should I give my ex the benefit information so she can utilize it for the kids if and when Ontario Works doesn't cover them or should I ask that I be present every time it is needed (We have 50/50 custody and both take the kids to drs and other appointments and we can't always both go)

She hasn't directly asked me for it but I am sure it is coming since she knows they are on it. Is there anyways for her to scam the benefits?
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