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Originally Posted by Aghast View Post
Good Evening,

I am trying to put together an offer to settle before my Motion on Wednesday. The Family Law Rules state that it has to be in a day before the Motion in order to be considered for costs, so I have to do this tomorrow.

I can't find an Offer to Settle or a Minutes of Settlement form on I have looked at SteelCityDad's Final MoS but I don't know if I should be putting this on a Final MoS.

Could someone explain to me how I write up an Offer to Settle?
Also, do I have to fill out an Affidavit of Service when I give it to the opposing party? but I'm guessing that I don't file it.

Does the offer need to be commissioned?

Thank you in advance

Grab that file and edit to what you need, it is fully editable.

Change Minutes of Settlement to Offer to Settle and delete the first paragraph. You can also edit the rest anyway you like to.

I will be uploading a offer to settle template in the near future based of the template I already created and just be adding stuff right from one created by divorcemate software. But this won't be done by the time you need to get yours in.

I believe for it to be considered a legit offer to settle you and your lawyer need to sign and date it. You could even do it on a napkin if you wanted, but don't quote me on that,lol.

Good luck!
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