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So, we're off to the races with this. I filed a motion immediately after my ex approached me about moving with kids. The judge at that time slowly started to understand that its sounding like my ex has plans in place to just pickup and leave without any sort of court order saying they're allowed. The judge at that time made ANOTHER court order specifically stating my ex is not to move. Period.
Shortly after that my ex has filed a motion to change. So first appearance has occurred already. Paperwork is in place. We are now 2 weeks away from the case conference. Since the filing of the motion to change I have since found out my ex has given notice where they reside at the moment (rental) and is to be out by July1st. I then found out this weekend that my ex has purchased a home in the town they have proposed to move to.
Does that not seem like a bold move after the judge has signed a specific court order dictating that my ex is not to move until they have obtained a court order? It is pertinent information that I will bring up in the case conference.
The judge had also made a point at the original court appearance that I initiated that if my ex is granted permission to move, who's to say they wont go and file 6mo down the road in this new town and have all of my access removed. This is also a pretty strong argument as my ex has continuously made efforts to pick away at any of my access possible. Also 2 previous motion to changes by my ex to reduce my access (different jurisdiction). This has already been about 7yrs of constant struggle just maintaining regular consistent scheduling.
I made up a spreadsheet to clearly show the judge (which I will include with my 17A) that I see my children about 42% of the time. I dont have overnights on weekdays, but I do see them 156 days out of the yr. My ex moving reduces that to roughly 15%, and even thats just a very generous estimate. I know for a fact there will always be issues with access.

I understand this wont be an easy battle and I'm honestly just hoping that the judge sides with me and lets my children stay here with me. There's soo much more history here that would take me hours to type out in here.

Any further advice would help.


And this isn't my first time in court by a long shot. Self represented at this point.
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