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Then his issue is with the school and not you. He has every right as a parent, as a tax payer to expect info at the same time as you. Remove yourself from the cross fire - that is what I have done. School calls and makes an appointment with me, I remind them that I have joint custody and that I can't make a decision without their fathers consent and that I expect them to make arrangements with him accordingly. I don't reach out to their father and take no other action. There isn't an opportunity for conflict.

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Yes but you must understand receiving information is not the same thing as making decisions. They can receive information seperately but must make decisions together.

It's good advise for school to share information with both parents. They are rather supposed to when parents are seperated. I think it should alwayd be the parents responsibility to ensure they are recieving everything. If the other parent works with teachers to hide information then thats different story but both parents have access to the childs OSR regardless. The school coordinating and bringing both parents is good practice. If parents have seperate meetings it's not a big deal.

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