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yes it was... I thought of that, interestingly enough, when I was in court with my ex 4 or 5 years ago. He decided that year to self-represent. I will never forget him rambling on and on and on. He kept repeating himself. Meanwhile the judge was going through his paperwork (signing stuff) and would look up every 5 or 6 minutes and say the same thing: "Yes Mr. XXX" "I believe you said that already." Every now and then the judge would add in: "So you don't like Mrs. XXX and you feel you got a real bad deal." My ex would then look at the judge and utter, with a 'road kill' kind of expression: "Uh yeah." My ex didn't know what he was doing. His g/f had prepared all the court documents for him (including his affidavits) so he was totally lost. I am still amazed that the judge let him go on for so long. I recall specifically how long he rambled on for - 28 minutes. Of course his motion was declined. Gong show. As it turned out, the next lawyer he hired wasn't much better.

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