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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
This situation bring to mind my recollection of an event when my son was in Grade 5. My then-husband and I attended the usual parent-teacher meeting. Normally I went to these alone but on this one occasion he came with me. My ex is a rather abrasive, loud individual. We typically only agreed on politics and certainly never agreed on educational matters involving our son.

When we met with the teacher my ex went on one of his tangents about politics and education (probably how things are not the same as when he was a child...blah, blah, blah). I likely disagreed with him.

I guess the teacher understandably felt uncomfortable and incorrectly interpreted our "communication" with each other as a full-blown argument. A few weeks later we received a call from a school psychologist who wanted to come to our home to meet with us! We agreed, assuming there was a serious problem with our son. As it turns out the teacher was so alarmed by our meeting with her that she decided that there was a need for psychologist to meet with us. In the end the psychologist apologized to us and we all had a good laugh.

So.... my thinking is that sometimes it's good for parents to meet with the teacher separately.

Oh wow Arabian. I would've been mortified! Good thing the psychologist saw the humour in it. Well I'd like to avoid something like that so maybe until it's less contentious (if that day comes) I will stick with my own meetings.

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