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Default Spouse is avoiding/delaying the inevitable...

This is so frustrating.

Our date of separation was in the fall of 2015. She asked for the divorce, but I wanted it, too. She found a lawyer and told me to do the same.

But since then, it has been an uphill battle to get her to move on anything. After months of going back and forth - with weeks of silence from her and her lawyer, we finally reached a deal for our SA one year after our separation date. My lawyer drafted the SA and then more issues came up: she didn't like the terms of my life insurance policy, she wanted me to cover half her legal fees, etc. During this time we had to push her to sell the matrimonial home (it was in her name, but the mortgage was in mine). It has since been sold and the proceeds are in trust, waiting for a signed SA.

We submitted a final SA back in the new year of 2017 and it took her 5 months to respond to it - only after we told them if we didn't hear from them in a week, we would proceed to court. We heard from her lawyer (she told us she was having trouble reaching her client via phone/email) and they missed the deadline we gave. They then had the balls to reply the following week, with even more revisions, which we dismissed because we had already reached a deal back in 2016. I'm done negotiating with her.

So now my lawyer is filling out an application to court - which is so silly as this was supposed to be a simple divorce that she initially asked for.

I need to vent, but I'm also wondering why the hell would someone act this way if this is what they wanted? It seems she can't bring herself to terminate the marriage and I'm concerned how much longer this will take (already over two years now) as I want to get on with my life.
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