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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
It's been answered:

however, most recently, I met with the teacher on my own on a time convenient to me since the teacher reached out to me to discuss progress. I also communicate with the teacher on my own. Before that they used to bring us both. And before that it was separate meetings. You could both attend to get the same information but not required. So if the teacher reaches out to me to share information then I will just go and assume it will also be shared with the other parent. If the teacher wants to bring us in both, then I will attend. But I think the other parent communicates with the teachers for what meetings she wants me present and what meetings she doesn't.

The school will however bring in both parents, teachers, principal, etc when sharing information regarding IEP (in my case anyway).

PS. access to information from the school, as long as you have access, has nothing to do on whether you have joint custody or sole custody. You can get your own information but With joint-custody you should make decisions together.

In my case, the school contacted me to set up the IEP meeting and basically told me the available date as it involved coordinating with multiple staff. I told ex about it and rearranged my day to be able to attend. He demanded I reschedule as it didn't fit his schedule. He isn't available until almost June. I said I was keeping the appointment because the teachers stressed the importance of getting it done now before the end of the school year. I am now the worst person in the world for doing this. I also offered to call him to conference call or take notes and relay all info. He set up his own appointment for two weeks from now.
We also have a history of never doing interviews together given the contentiousness. I have to admit it was nice to speak freely without him there given I may have different concerns than him. Up until now this has been his stance too.

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