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Default Late motion advice

I am going to court on Wednesday for child support and spousal support. I served a cross motion for custody? (determine where the children actually live) and imputing an income. (ex was laid off 5 years ago and is still clinging on to the "no fault of their own" and "I just can't seem to find a job") Ex has 20 yrs experience in her field and then went back to school, and got a Diploma, after divorce. Now she has started another venture; getting her real estate licence.

Well the cross motion was served late (monday is a holiday), but the clerk allowed it, and the lawyer is going to contest it. My position is; how can you determine cs/ss without all the information.

Any advice on how to convince the Judge that we are putting the cart ahead of the horse? That we need to resolve these issues before calculating cs/ss? Should I ask the Judge to adjourn the ss/cs (I am paying an interim cs already, more than I will have to pay after this motion)
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