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It's been answered:

however, most recently, I met with the teacher on my own on a time convenient to me since the teacher reached out to me to discuss progress. I also communicate with the teacher on my own. Before that they used to bring us both. And before that it was separate meetings. You could both attend to get the same information but not required. So if the teacher reaches out to me to share information then I will just go and assume it will also be shared with the other parent. If the teacher wants to bring us in both, then I will attend. But I think the other parent communicates with the teachers for what meetings she wants me present and what meetings she doesn't.

The school will however bring in both parents, teachers, principal, etc when sharing information regarding IEP (in my case anyway).

PS. access to information from the school, as long as you have access, has nothing to do on whether you have joint custody or sole custody. You can get your own information but With joint-custody you should make decisions together.

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