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Originally Posted by SadAndTired View Post
What about second chances? Learning from one's mistakes? Simply maturing and growing as a person? Therapy?

Do you think those records should be available to those who were not originally involved? Does a person have a right to know who they are getting involved with?

What about false allegations?

I don't think anyone is "into" domestic violence LF. It's a complicated issue with multi factors.
I certainly believe in second chances. But when there is a strong pattern of abusive behavior, it may be beneficial for some to be cognizant of this persons past before jumping in to relations or whatever with them.

Pedophiles for instance have this kind of thing and rightly so. Sure they get second chances, but neighborhoods are notified in most cases and they are put in registries. People who exhibit clear cut patterns of abuse, although not in registries or told to neighbors, should have that kind of info available to those who seek it. That what was my point.
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