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This is a very confusing case but I will try to be brief. Motion to change child support and after 3 years of attempting this she has now been in university for 6 years and living on her own for 3, closer to the university as we are out of the area. We have had one case conference 2 years in, as they were not prepared for the first one. It has taken all this time to get all relevant expenses that are involved in the case as we were kept in the dark and when we questioned the section 7 expenses the ex wife would just submit it to FRO and they would automatically deduct it even though ex was not taking into account grants loans and such. Judge said to mediate, they are not willing to negotiate even though we have shown an overpayment of at least $50,000. Our lawyer is obviously into the stall tactics of the opposing lawyer...small town. From what I have read I think I need to go schedule another case conference but without my lawyer as I have spent enough on him and have gotten no results at all.
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