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Originally Posted by Stillbreathing View Post
Another thing both parties can do if their relationship is getting serious is to request a voluntary criminal background check on each other. This is not a normal thing to do but...once you've gone through domestic helll it would help set your mind at ease. I had absolutely no clue my STBX had such a violent and criminal history.
I actually like that, and it would be likely far more effective. If your partner isn't willing to do it voluntarily, or starts playing the 'don't you trust me card', that just raises red flags.

As for normal... Checking up on someone under Clares Law would hardly be classified as normal either. As well, once you've been burned once, not taking any reasonable measure available to protect yourself, such as that, wouldn't be normal.

The only question left would be... Does the background check happen before or after one becomes 'facebook serious' and puts up the relationship status
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