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Originally Posted by Stillbreathing View Post
My STBX has a history of being charged with assault x2, dangerous driving, break and enter, and mischief which pre-date our marriage. He was not "Convicted" of any of them but entered into peace bonds. One assault charges was against a female ( non girlfriend). I had no idea and married him. If I had known, I would not have ! Although he was not "convicted" his history is significant and Would have influenced my decision to continue in a relationship with him. He withheld this information on purpose.

Another thing both parties can do if their relationship is getting serious is to request a voluntary criminal background check on each other. This is not a normal thing to do but...once you've gone through domestic helll it would help set your mind at ease. I had absolutely no clue my STBX had such a violent and criminal history.

If somebody is charming, comes from a good family , is gainfully employed you would never suspect there was a problem if they neglected to mention they had a disturbing history of "dismissed" criminal charges.
The other thing people need to keep in mind is that just because a person was not "convicted" does not mean they didn't commit the crime.
This is why I always encourage people to report any hard as it may that patterns may be developed and tracked and necessary measures can be taken.
In contrast.....some are falsely convicted and this could haunt them forever. I'm hoping this doesn't happen often and judges rely on irrefutable evidence.
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