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My STBX has a history of being charged with assault x2, dangerous driving, break and enter, and mischief which pre-date our marriage. He was not "Convicted" of any of them but entered into peace bonds. One assault charges was against a female ( non girlfriend). I had no idea and married him. If I had known, I would not have ! Although he was not "convicted" his history is significant and Would have influenced my decision to continue in a relationship with him. He withheld this information on purpose.

Another thing both parties can do if their relationship is getting serious is to request a voluntary criminal background check on each other. This is not a normal thing to do but...once you've gone through domestic helll it would help set your mind at ease. I had absolutely no clue my STBX had such a violent and criminal history.

If somebody is charming, comes from a good family , is gainfully employed you would never suspect there was a problem if they neglected to mention they had a disturbing history of "dismissed" criminal charges.
The other thing people need to keep in mind is that just because a person was not "convicted" does not mean they didn't commit the crime.

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