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Originally Posted by Beachnana View Post
I would then guess that 12 and 14 year old have a tendacy to switch their alliances between parents. They have usually learnt how to manipulate their parents.

So first why have the 2 children chosen to live with the Dad and what has been the arrangement up to now. 12 and 14 it's their choice. Not much of a discussion.

Why the sudden change? Is your friend more concerned about the financial situation or is he seeking to provide some sort of stability in the children's lives or " god forbid" it's a move to grab custody while the other parent struggles with the children.

Perhaps before getting the "ball rolling" there needs to be a discussion between the parents and children

Interesting that 2 posters who consistently screamed for shared 50/50 parenting and both parents having a place in a child's life have immediately advised the forms to use and have not questioned the situation

I think they would have gone to town on a mother asking this question.
Beach ... the question was very specific. So our responses were also. 12 and 14 they basically have final say. I haven't heard anything of abuse or addiction .. not much info at all. OP was just asking about forms.

Again....don't make this about gender. I believe it was Stripes (mother) I just a advised to take custody and get an order for supervised visits with dad. NOT about gender. I'm a FACTS guy. I wouldn't expect this stuff out of you Beach....long time odf buddy and poster.

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