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I would then guess that 12 and 14 year old have a tendacy to switch their alliances between parents. They have usually learnt how to manipulate their parents.

So first why have the 2 children chosen to live with the Dad and what has been the arrangement up to now.

Why the sudden change? Is your friend more concerned about the financial situation or is he seeking to provide some sort of stability in the children's lives or " god forbid" it's a move to grab custody while the other parent struggles with the children.

Perhaps before getting the "ball rolling" there needs to be a discussion between the parents and children

Interesting that 2 posters who consistently screamed for shared 50/50 parenting and both parents having a place in a child's life have immediately advised the forms to use and have not questioned the situation

I think they would have gone to town on a mother asking this question.
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