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Is there currently any final custody order? If so it it needs to be initiated by Form 15 motion to change CUSTODY, Access, and seek child support from the mother. (

The form LF32 mentioned would be in support of your claims custody claims.

Question number 10 in Form 15 asks you what specific order you want, in there you can request an order appointing OCL which will be discussed at case conference. If other party doesn't agree then you will need to motion OCL with form 14B.

If there is no custody order in place then you need Form 8 Application (Family Law Rules Forms | Ontario Court Services)..

I see your location is in Kitchener. .. if the case is in Kitchener, and there is no prior history for this case in the OCJ, I would recommend going to the Superior Court of Justice. Kitchener doesn't have a unified family court system and OCJ has a bizzare motion process where you file a motion to SET a date (usually 2-3 months out) as where in the SCJ you file a motion and the judge hears your motion right there and then. This would be especially important if you need to motion OCL involvement.

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