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Originally Posted by paris View Post
OK, well he's grasping to cause problems.

Why did you have to pay for her prescription if she's on your benefits too?
She wasn't on my benefits. Per our SA, he's required to cover her solely...not me. At the time of our agreement (years ago), I was working for a different company and he had better benefits and finally agreed to cover her in our lengthy legal battle.

At this point, its not worth the legal fees to pursue and I know he's dropped her. He's basically on a rampage to cut her off financially since he no longer sees her. He's trying to stop paying CS, tuition, etc. also. So the best bet for us, since we're moving to the US is for us to simply cover her under my current husband's government benefits....which is what we'll do. In the meantime, I'll pay for her medical expenses myself. No biggie really.

I just found it ridiculously stupid that he actually tried to make the claim I was huffing double doses of bc pills. I'd probably grow a 3rd boob if I did that kind of hormone intake.
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