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Default Amusing Update

So I thought I'd provide an update to the latest stupidity since its funny.

So my lawyer sent a letter over to the ex's lawyer essentially warning him that he better re-instate our kid back on his medical benefits per our SA. His lawyer then responds that she IS on his benefits, however, the company he works for is investigating me for insurance fraud because he's pretty certain that I'm using her name to obtain un-prescribed medication.

The un-prescribed medication that I'm apparently committing this fraud for...

wait for it...

Birth control pills!

So here's the story. In my family, women have severe iron issues. My daughter was having issues with feeling faint, nauseous, sleepy/low energy and started developing rashes. So I took her to the doctor and the doctor prescribed the same pills I use to limit menstrual cycles so that she's depleting less iron. So we're on the same prescription...which is the only medication either one of us takes. When this initially happened, I told her to explain this to her dad at the time but she refused because she knew he'd fly into a rage without listening to the reason the pills were prescribed. And because I knew she was right...I told her that it was up to her whether to tell him or not.

So his brilliant conclusion was that I was illegally using her name to get bc pills...despite the fact that I make more money than he does and have my own benefits package from my employer. Makes sense right?

Sooo...I had my lawyer send over copies of both prescriptions and explain to him that his reasoning is bull because you can't just cut her off of one prescription...and that he needs to re-add her to benefits.

And he responded that he doesn't believe my explanation (and apparently, I know how to create pharmacy receipts in my home office for fake scripts). To him, it apparently makes sense that I need two prescriptions for the same bc know, in case I get knocked up with twins right? I mean everyone knows that there's a lot of bc pill junkies out there running wild.

Anyway, my awesome husband and I finally decided that its not worth the legal bills to pursue and too risky for my daughter not to be we're adding her to his government medical benefits once she starts school.

I'm just still shaking my damn head at the nonsense I have to deal with because of this idiot. I truly hope his benefits company calls me up or sends me a letter due to this supposed fraud investigation I'm under so I can send them a flaming response. More likely, he's just lying and cut her off because he's a cheap tool.

The only plus side was that my lawyer and I laughed about it for 30 minutes which was pretty fun...just sucks that I have to pay for the stupid letter.
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