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Hi there. I've been in this exact situation.

The CPW that visited your home should have provided her information. Her card with her e-mail address and phone number was given to me also.

I received the letter closing the file about 2 weeks later by mail.

Next, I went for a 14B procedural motion and received an order for CAS disclosure for every detail of the case, what was spoken about, etc. You would be surprised how detailed these are. They will have every word mentioned in the interview with your ex. These notes (it ran about 50 pages) became very important doc's in my case.

If CAS is lazy or perhaps overworked, a court order will wake them up and speed up the process.

Are you seeing the child at the moment? In my situation CAS said they'd close my file but also had to talk to my ex to tell her to restore access .. but she had conveniently went on vacation and was unreachable.

So call and e-mail, but not too much. You don't want to be in their bad books trying to get that important "case closed" letter. If that doesn't work head down to the court house and fill out a 14B procedural motion an ask for full disclosure of all CAS investigation notes. YOU SHOULD DO THIS NO MATTER WHAT! 14B motions are held most days and are very quick and efficient. Don't plan for a motion or it'll annoy the judge. It's a room full of people speeding through, most lawyers.

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