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S&T Writes:
Keep on spreading the lies LF.

EAs and ECE's are covered by the same union. We are not provided vacation days for the same reason we are not paid in the summer, which you have already claimed to have received. Vacation time is added to your pay. It is not possible you had a vacation day today.

Happy Mother's Day LF. What's on tap for Father's Day? Will the g/f return the favour
That's false. After March Break, Xmas, etc I was left with 2.5 days of vacation. I was given until May 12th to be able to enter them .. so I used today.

Would you like a screen shot of my employee portal? Why the hell would I lie about that? You're paranoia is alarming. I also have 2 personal days left, 3 religious days and some sick days. What's it to you?

Jeff is monitoring this can see you attacking me personally (my career). I would tread lightly if I were you. I havent said anything about your personal life, your career, etc .. try and do the same. Trust me...the way you speak on these forums and the fact you work with children...there are some things I could probably say ... but I choose not to.

Also, I love fathers day because I get pampered just as much.

If I remember correctly you told everybody that I was a "catfish" in my early threads. That I wasn't even going through a custody case .. that I was here for other reasons. So Im not surprised you dont believe that I took the day off.

S&T .... is it jealousy? I dont get it. Your paranoia and attacks over a "Happy Mothers Day thread" are alarming.

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