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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

regular motions. I think form 14B. Here is an example case of father self-repping to obtain these records:

You will notice they did not give him everything. I had a lawyer and everything would go to my lawyer, I could then review them at my lawyers office. But for whatever reason, some jurisdictions they don't give you everything if you don't have a lawyer. But some members have apparently gotten them (i.e., LF32). You could review my thread here:

Note, these motions usually go on consent. My former spouse tried to oppose it and seek costs and my lawyer responded we were hoping it would go on consent... it ended up going on consent.. otherwise the judge would have wondered what does the other party have to hide and order them to be released anyways.

Also, I learned in talking with the judge directly when I was self repping that I could just call CAS and arrange a time to go in to view the records. You could do that. You can call them tell them you want to come in and review the disclosure. You can bring a notebook to make notes but you can't bring anything back.
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