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Going to Jail is an unknown quantity at this point

Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Yes you had better get your arrears adjusted by the court.
Thank you for your feedback.

But what I was hoping to determine is what does the court usually decide for arrears in this case, and what would be the key factors in their determination.

I have heard that the court would order 3 years arrears based on the payer's income for the most recent 3 years. However, should I expect 8 years of arrears without a retro-active adjustment in the amounts payable.

Of course I would face extreme hardship if the court ordered all arrears immediately or else they will order me sent to jail.

Every adjournment in regards to the FRO's current Default Order for the past year has included an order for jail if payments are not maintained. They made it very clear that If I am laid off from my job tomorrow, I will be facing jail if I don't keep up the payments based on the original support order.

Many thanks.
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