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rockscan will become famous soon enough

Tayken, Im intrigued and not just by your goat idea.

He could get it moved here for support issues? Even if the kids live there? If he can, then his lawyer could rep him!!!

I'll add the form 20 to the list of questions.

Hes requesting transcripts and income information for kid. Hes also planning to question why kid went away to school incurring so many costs the ex cant afford when she has such serious health issues requiring her to take so much time off resulting in additional years of school. Methinks this is a suck and blow!

As for the therapy. He heard nothing. He sent several emails asking how kid was doing since she refuses to speak to him and ex would simply say her health is fine. Suddenly he gets a bill for claims her benefits wont cover.

The whole thing is laughable if we weren't so stressed because the claims she makes are contradictory. Oh my kids are so sick but I dont want to tell their father anything. Oh my kids are so sick they need six years to get a three degree but lets send them off to school four hours from home and let them sit on a bus every other weekend to come back.

We have no joint accounts. And everything we have done she wants proof of is from my bank account. Im not obligated to tell her how much I paid to go away to alleviate his emotional stress from her refusal to let him see his kids at christmas.

I have to give her credit though for thinking a judge is going to allow her to make financial decisions for him again. You got divorced for a reason sweetheart. Whats his is not yours anymore.
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